Friday Night Revive! (2010-10-1)

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Friday Night Revive! (2010-10-1) Empty Friday Night Revive! (2010-10-1)

Post  The Gunshow on Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:29 pm

PowerHouse Wrestling Federation

2010-10-01 23:30

Opening Segment
Shadow Hawk's Conviction
Week 2- Tag Tournament Match #1
GM's Office
~ Confrontation ~
Cannibal Thor vs Ahmed Johnson (Steel Cage Match)
Paleghost and The Gun Show (Blood and Glory)
Week 2- Tag Tournament Match #2
Rivalry heating up
Week 2- Tag Tournament Match #3
Hellfire vs Dustin Revolution (LMS Match)
Gunshowism Part I: Morning Secrets
Week 2- Tag Tournament Match #4
Closing Segment


Tickets Request: 28.686
Tickets Sold: 28.686
Tickets Income: 286.860 fantaeuros
The Gunshow
The Gunshow

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