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Post  Chris Laffey on Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:13 pm

The camera fades in showing a locker room. The left side of the shot consists of a cabnit full of trophies and title belts. On the right half of the screen is a man with a hood over his head and his head bowed to hide his face.

???: As you can see I am a winner, I win, that is what I do.

The man flicks his head back, flicking the hood off in the proccess. His face is revealed and the man is Chris Laffey..

Chris Laffey: Great Bear, tonight you have the chance to experience what winning is all about but don't get use to it cause this Friday at "Brawl To Start Them All" I will be crowned the first PHWF Undisputed Champion and winner of the Gold Rush Tournament.
Tonight we are facing losers!
2 men who didn't have the ability to make it through to World Title match. I could beat these two jokes single handedly, I proved on Friday I can beat Daniel Johnson and I'm personally suprised Hugh Michaels is even willing to show his face in public after to losing to the joke that is you.

Chris Laffey points at the camera and stares seriously into it

Chris Laffey: Great Bear, if you get in my way tonight or try anything to give yourself an advantage for Fridays big match you will be put flat on your back and will wish you never won your semi final match last Friday.

Chris' pointing stance suddenly changes to a fist and he puts his fist through the camera lense cutting off the feed.

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