A Covell Challenge. (22/2/11)

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A Covell Challenge. (22/2/11)

Post  Patrick Covell on Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:45 am

""The show returns from commercials""

Michael Chu:
Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen.
We are live here on his huge PHWF draft night and so far it hasn't disappointed!

Jesse Victoria:
It sure hasn't and we got a lot more action for you here tonight!

Michael Chu: We sure have, and we are already, ready with the next draft pick match!

Jesse Victoria: And this is going to be a big one, i can promi.....

""Suddenly the lights go out in the arena""

Jesse Victoria: Okay this....I think we have some electrical problems.

""The lights go back on""

Michael Chu: And now we don't, well that is live TV for you.

Jesse Victoria: As i was saying!
This night is......

""Again the lights goes out""

Jesse Victoria: OH come on!

""The lights start flickering as the tron goes completely black""

Michael Chu: What is going on here?

""The tron turns all white as a huge "C" forms on the screen""

Jesse Victoria: "C"?
Okay can we please get some control out here!

""Golden sparks starts to fall down onto the stage""

Michael Chu: Wait i think i know what is going on!

Jesse Victoria: You do?
Then tell me!

"" "I am perfection" by "Downstait" plast through the PA in the arena""

Michael Chu: I don't think i have to!
I think you are going to get your answer right now!

"" The rain of sparks stops and reveals a unknown Superstar standing on top of the stage""

""The superstar is wearing; "red and white wrestling tights and a matching red and white vest with a hood""

""The superstar throws the hood back and reveals his face""

Michael Chu: It's.....It's.......IT'S HIM!

Jesse Victoria: Who?
Who is this guy how do you know him?

""The superstar stands still on the ramp and looks at the crowd for a moments and then slowly makes his way down the ramp""

Michael Chu: Don't you follow the internet?
Don't you follow the chat rooms?

Jesse Victoria: No i don't.
Because clearly i have a life, so could you please fill me in on this guy!

Michael Chu: Okay little miss social!
Here is the quick draw of this guy that has become known as "Captain Charisma" Patrick Covell!
This man has wrestled all over the world and have won title all over the world!
He has made a name for himself everywhere in the world from Canada to China!
And rumors have been going around that he was without a job....AND THE RUMORS WAS CORRECT AND I WAS CORRECT!

Jesse Victoria: Wow you really like this guy don't you?

""Patrick Covell makes his way into the ring and climbs the top rope and looks out over the crowd""

""Some people now Patrick and cheers, while other stands emotionless""

""Patrick gets handed a mic by a crew member and makes his way into the center of the ring""

""He slowly brings the mic to his mouth as the crowd goes silent""

Before i get into anything i just got something to say.
Don't get use to this site, don't get use to seeing me here on the B show, because i don't belong here on the B show and i am planning on being drafted later tonight.

Jesse Victoria: The B show?

Michael Chu: Well he is kinda right this is the B show and he really doesn't belong here!

Patrick: Now that we got that out of the way lets get on with this.
No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, yes the rumors are correct and yes this is a dream come true!
Patrick Covell is here!

""A small cheer can be heard from the crowd""

Patrick: Now you are all properly wondering what brings me....ME...a big time star here to PHWF.
Well i can tell you this i did not come here for the talent i did not come here for the challenge.
No i came here for what it is all about, and it is all about the Covell Cash.
You see i was offered a very hefty sum, to come here and raise the bar.
So here i am, ready to raise the bar.

Michael Chu: Finally we are all saved, our savior is here things are looking up!

Jesse Victoria: Oh shut up will you?
Patrick: Raising the bar does not mean being part of something, no it does mean being the biggest piece of this puzzle.
But i am more than that, i am not a piece no, i am the puzzle holding the pieces together!
That is why i got surprised when i arrived at the arena tonight and heard that i did not have a match.
I no tonights cards is perfectly planned and designed....But sorry this card just got Covelled!

Jesse Victoria: Covelled?

Michael Chu: SSHHH!
The Captain is talking!
Patrick: This Covell Card has just changed and i am laying down my Covell Challenge right here, right now!
So if anyone in the back thinks they got what it takes to take me on......The Accept my Covell Challenge!

""Patrick slowly lowers the mic and awaits a response""
Patrick Covell
Patrick Covell

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Re: A Covell Challenge. (22/2/11)

Post  The Gunshow on Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:15 pm

A spotlight shines down on the entrance ramp as Bayou Gator comes out from the back and makes his way down to the ring. Bayou Gator climbs up in to the ring with a mic in his hands and stands face to face with Patrick Covell.

Bayou Gator: Kid, you have so much to learn. You think you can just barge on to a PHWF show, tell the world that your $hit doesn't smell, and throw-out an open challenge? I don't think you have realized but tonight is PHWF's Live Draft Show... This means that every match is for draft picks.. With that being said, you signed to the Honor roster and I am a part of Revive! So how about I accept your open challenge and I accept the fact that I am going to win Friday Night Revive a draft pick!

Bayou Gator lowers down his mic and still stands staring down Patrick Covell
The Gunshow
The Gunshow

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Re: A Covell Challenge. (22/2/11)

Post  Patrick Covell on Fri Feb 18, 2011 7:14 am

""Patrick gets a small smirk on his face and then slowly raises the mic back up to his mouth""

Patrick:Who in the hell are you?
No, you know what don't answer that, i don't really care who you are.
And if you told me i properly wouldn't remember, because you look exactly like the rest of the sloppy joes, that runs around in the back!

""Boos can be heard from the crowd""

Patrick:But it is all okay, because this could be my chance to get out of this hell hole.
You want to put a draft pick on the line, well i say lets do it.
The faster i can get going, the better.

""Patrick turns his attention to the timekeeper""

Patrick:Hey...Hey Bell monkey!
Ya you!
If you could focus all you power into moving those twigs than you call arms, do your job and ring the bell.
Because this is on right here right now!
I am Patrick Covell and that is....my Conclusion!

""Patrick drops the mic and awaits his opponent to enter the ring""
Patrick Covell
Patrick Covell

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Age : 26
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Re: A Covell Challenge. (22/2/11)

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