The Organization takes a stand!

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The Organization takes a stand!

Post  Dr. Smith on Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:27 am

Dr. Smith makes his way to the ring accompanied by the song Opportunities by Pet Shop Boys. His expression is grim, his eyes determined. In the center of the ring he raises his microphone and, after the cheering and boos die down, begins to speak.

Dr. Smith: There's something called the breaking point, and it's more than just a potentially cool sounding pay-per-view. Our noble GM has pitted The Organization against each other show after show, all the while expecting us to just take our paychecks and accept it. Now I have no problem taking my paycheck, so this isn't some dramatic "I quit" speech. Nor am I about to hurl random threats at our GM as is the wrestling tradition when one is upset. No no, for as all my loyal Smithians know, Dr. Smith's most valuable tool in his wrestling arsenal is his mind! What has our GM been after at any and all costs? Money. That's what The Organization has been against. I don't mind making money, but I'm sure everyone would agree not having to worry about being run down every time we get near a parking lot and having it all be okay isn't worth it. There's an old saying: if you can't beat them, join them. Most would take that to mean sell out and get GM favors for being little more than a hired goon. Well Dr. Smith is no hired goon! The Organization's ideals aren't ones that can be sold out so easily! Instead, I have a proposition for our GM...a proposition so potent that it will shake the very foundation of the PHWF, nay, the world!

The crowd bursts out in cheers, boos, and chants of various sorts. Dr. Smith waits until these pass before he continues.

Dr. Smith: I'm willing to dissolve The Organization in three weeks...IF my proposition is accepted and I fail. Since money is all that matters, I suggest a little contest. Next week I shall be named interim GM for that week only. That's right, for one show I'll run the show! Complete control, Organization control. The week after that the GM will get that show to pull out all the stops she wants. Money talks....if my show pulls in more cash than hers, she leaves The Organization alone. No more match making against each other, more title shots, the works. If her show pulls in more cash than mine...well, they say all good things must come to an end. The Organization will, should that dark day come to pass, cease to exist as a cohesive unit!

Gasps and raw noise from the crowd prevail for a moment.
((OOC: Accompanied by the announcers reacting as is seen fit Smile ))

Dr. Smith: That's it. You have the rest of this show to think about it GM. Oh, and feel free to refuse. I'm sure I'm not the only one who will find your lack of a backbone interesting when it comes to anything but signing us in the most pathetically tedious matches known to wrestling in a feeble attempt to make us give in. Clock's ticking. I honestly expect to be ambushed and beaten up, or to hear some speech about how I don't call the shots before the night is over. I mean the alternative would be accepting that The Organization has a chance.

With that he lowers his microphone and smiles.

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Re: The Organization takes a stand!

Post  Mad Dragon on Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:22 pm

*Mad Dragon makes his way down with the Impact! Title to Dr. Smith in the Ring amidst the rage of the audience. He climbs into the ring and smiles at Dr. Smith*

Mad Dragon: Now usually... I'm the first one to find all the disadvantages of your ideas and vote against it. But this time, I'm actually for this. It's quite an intelligent idea. Not that we don't already basically run this show. But it will be good if one of us was finally recognized as the GM for once. I mean.. I'm sure that Tuesday Night Honor! would benefit more from a General Manager who knows how the mind of all the wrestlers around here tick. And for the other Reason... I'm sick of Alicia Keys. She is a manipulating, Evil, Selfish little cow. And Tuesday Night Honor will hopefully have a change for one night and it will be magnificent.

*Mad Dragon looks towards Dr. Smith*

Mad Dragon: If you are in charge of the Show, then we will most definently get more cash then Alicia Keys. We are opening Doors for the Organisation all the time, and I am glad that you are finally taking one door and ripping it out so it cannot be closed.

*Mad Dragon waits with Dr. Smith in the Ring.*
Mad Dragon
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