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The Organization Part 2 Empty The Organization Part 2

Post  Dr. Smith on Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:33 pm

Dr. Smith walks to the ring grimly. He raises a microphone as soon as he gets to the center of the ring.

Dr. Smith: Okay, you know last week that I started The Organization. You probably know the result of that too. Just to refresh your memories, however, let me play something.

The monitor shows footage from last week of the GM.

GM Alicia Keys: Dr. Smith wants to lead a group against me?! Ha! I'll show him, I'll show all of them. !mpact will get what's coming to him in a match against Hugh Michaels. That ungrateful punk Mad Dragon, I gave him a chance at the Impact Championship! I allowed Dr. Smith to win the Lightweight Championship! But is this enough for them? Of course not. No, instead they want more power. I'll show them power, how's the team of Nicolas Rubio and Peacemaker sound? Hmm? Do you still want to rise against me? If you thought things were rough before, just you wait. You three are about to step into hell! Hahaha!

When the footage stops Dr. Smith raises his microphone.

Dr. Smith: So let me paint this picture. I start The Organization because, I feel, the GMs are after power without caring about the wrestlers. Two others join me because they see this as obvious too. And the GM's direct response is to threaten us because they see this as a power play. This isn't a power play. We simply want the wrestlers to be treated fairly and a little more safely. Naturally our beloved GM doesn't see it that way. Those obsessed with power tend to see any action by others as a challenge to that power. Oh, and as if that's not enough, Alexander gets attacked brutally backstage. He complains to the GM about a lack of security to prevent this, which is logical. The GM's response is to basically insult him, and threatening to take his title away for "whining". Seriously? Alicia, let me give you a bit of advice. If you want to stop The Organization you could try actually trying to help your wrestlers rather than proving our point with every single thing you say and do. I don't even have to state my case anymore at this rate. All I have to do is just come out and replay what you do each weak and say "see?!"

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